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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Save The Rave – Morbo

My first thought on hearing this song was “why haven’t I heard these guys before?!” Save The Rave is made up of two Spaniards by the names of Javi and Michael, and they love to party. A quote taken from their Facebook says “our hearts don’t beat, they wobble”, so they definitely put a lot of heart into ‘Morbo.’ This track is absolutely MASSIVE, featuring heart-pounding buildups, huge drops, and that glitchy bass I know all of you love so much. There’s even a shout out to my man Justin Beiber thrown in the mix. Go ahead and like them on Facebook before you click play, because you probably won’t have a face by the time song is done. Turn your speakers up so your neighbors down the block can hear, because this songs SICK!

Save The Rave – Morbo | Direct Download |

Save The Rave - Morbo (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Save The Rave

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