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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chip Tha Ripper – Out Here (Produced by Lex Luger)

You’ve most likely heard Chip Tha Ripper’s rhymes on Kid Cudi’s debut and sophomore albums. Proving that he’s his own artist, he’s released mixtape after mixtape with nationwide acclaim. This one has been out for a little while, but being the new hip hop author, I wanted to catch everyone up on my favorite songs over the past couple weeks. From now on, everything will be new releases from a list that Ben & I compiled of TSS-compatible artists, and you’ll only be hearing newest tracks from these artists, so stay posted. ‘Out Here’ is one of the standout tracks from his latest mixtape, Tell Ya Friends, available for download now with recent superstar producer Lex Luger on the boards, this one will be sure to blow your subwoofers.
Chip Tha Ripper – Out Here (Produced by Lex Luger) | Direct Download |

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Download Chip’s latest mixtape Tell Ya Friends Here

Skizzy Mars – Sirens

This is a dope track that Ben put me onto last night from 18 year old Manhattan MC Skizzy Mars. Skizzy in my opinion sounds like a mix between Mac Miller and Kanye West, which is ironic because the MC cites Yeezy as one of his influences, along with Beirut, The Killers and Frank Ocean. Nonetheless, Skizzy holds it down on this upbeat track, he comes off real cocky but he has the lyrics to back it up. Peep.
Skizzy Mars – Sirens | Direct Download |

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Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock (Cyrex Remix)

Groove Armada is an English electronic music duo from London, England comprising Andy Cato and Tom Findlay which was born in the mid-1990s. Two years ago they released on of their hit songs titled ‘Soundboy Rock,’ and today, Israeli dubstep producer Cyrex decided to bring this tune back to life with tons of reggae-infused groovy bass to compliment the original sound. Kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!

Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock (Cyrex Remix) | Direct Download |

Groove Armada - Soundboy Rock (Cyrex Remix) by

A.Dd+ – Sh*t Got Crazy

Haha, oh man! How many of us have woken up after a wild night of partying and asked what happened the night before? Dallas Duo A.Dd+ hit us with a track dedicated to the morning after and trying to piece together clues of what went down the night before over a sick hip hop beat. These guys surprised me with this one, it’s dope! Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

A.Dd+ – Sh*t Got Crazy | Direct Download |

Sh*t Got Crazy by A.Dd+

Chiddy Bang – Grab A Plate

Philadelphia alternative-rap duo Chiddy Bang drop off their latest offering from their upcoming mixtape, Grab A Plate, due to drop very soon. These boys can rap circles around most of the competition out there right now so if you haven’t checked them out already, be sure to take a listen. Don’t forget that the new Chiddy album Breakfast drops tomorrow on iTunes, and you can pre-order that here. Until then, kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!

Chiddy Bang – Grab A Plate | Direct Download |

Chiddy Bang - Grab A Plate by THE TAPEDECK

Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness (Produced by Dot Da Genius)

Kid Cudi and his in-house producer, Dot Da Genius, just tossed us a gem recorded way back in 2008 during the Man on the Moon recording sessions but was never released. Cudi doesn’t release new tracks very often so I’m always stoked to hear new material from him. He also has an album with Dot Da Genius under the name WZRD releasing on this month on February 28th, but until then, enjoy this track!

Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness (Produced by Dot Da Genius) | Direct Download |

KiD CuDi - Dose Of Dopeness by illRoots

Slaughterhouse – Monsters In My Head

Backpackers Unite! The Slaughterhouse crew dropped this new track today which serves as the first leak off of member Crooked I’s upcoming mixtape Psalm 82:6. All four members of Slaughterhouse flow smoothly over this track produced by Drake’s in-house producer, Boi-1da. Eminem sure did pick an awesome group of lyricists to sign to Shady Records. Peep the track below. Enjoy!

Slaughterhouse – Monsters In My Head | Direct Download |

Slaughterhouse - Monsters In My Head by freshnewtracks

J. Cole – Grew Up Fast

J. Cole hit 2 million followers on Twitter and decided to give us a brand new track. This one is HOT, Cole is definitely solidifying his position as one of the best MC’s in the game. Honestly at first I wasn’t sold on J. Cole, but with each track he puts out and after his amazing debut albumCole World, which can be purchased here, I’m slowly but surely becoming a fan. Peep the new track below. Cole World!

J. Cole – Grew Up Fast | Direct Download |

Grew Up Fast by J. Cole

Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP

Odd Future and MellowHype member Hodgy Beats decided to drop a untitled 9 track EP out of nowhere. I’m definitely not complaining because this EP is FIRE, Hodgy is easily one of the most lyrical members of Odd Future in my opinion and he definitely shines throughout all 9 tracks with ease. Untitled features production from The Alchemist, Juicy J, Thelonious Martin and more. Check out The Alchemist produced cut, ‘Cookie Coma’ below along with the download link for the EP. GOLF WANG! #OFWGKTA

Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP | Media Fire Download |

Hodgy Beats - Cookie Coma (Produced by The Alchemist) by SoulCulture

Save The Rave – Morbo

My first thought on hearing this song was “why haven’t I heard these guys before?!” Save The Rave is made up of two Spaniards by the names of Javi and Michael, and they love to party. A quote taken from their Facebook says “our hearts don’t beat, they wobble”, so they definitely put a lot of heart into ‘Morbo.’ This track is absolutely MASSIVE, featuring heart-pounding buildups, huge drops, and that glitchy bass I know all of you love so much. There’s even a shout out to my man Justin Beiber thrown in the mix. Go ahead and like them on Facebook before you click play, because you probably won’t have a face by the time song is done. Turn your speakers up so your neighbors down the block can hear, because this songs SICK!

Save The Rave – Morbo | Direct Download |

Save The Rave - Morbo (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Save The Rave

Spwee – High-Tech

Hey guys, I’m back from my short hiatus with a dope track from a guy from Florida who you have probably never heard of. 17-year-old Brandon Nelson, who goes by the name of Spwee, dropped this killer Drumstep tour de force a couple weeks ago, and I just stumbled upon it this morning. It starts with some swirling synths that slowly build into the kind of epic drop that can only be found in Drumstep. For those of you starting your weekend a night early and craving something to rage to, look no further. Kick back, turn up the bass, and enjoy!

Spwee – High-Tech | Direct Download |

High-Tech by Spwee

Wiz Khalifa – Get Sum (Sound Remedy Remix)

Chicago producer Sound Remedy has returned to bring the bass upon us once again with his brand new remix of Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Get Sum.’ By adding a churning dubstep bassline combined with Mario-like tunes, and leaving Wiz left only saying the two words of the song title, Sound Remedy has managed to turn this hip hop track into a dubstep monster that will leave your speakers wondering what hit them. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Wiz Khalifa – Get Sum (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download |

Wiz Khalifa - Get Sum (Sound Remedy Remix) by

Mac Miller – LOUD

Mac Miller just released this track as the first leak from his upcoming mixtape, Macadelic. On this track, Mac’s spitting some of the the sickest lyrics I’ve heard from him in a minute; this kid is hit and miss in my opinion, but file this one as a definite HIT. It seems as if someone lit a fire under him to start killing it because that’s exactly what he did here. This track is sure to start slapping your subs as soon as you hit play. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Mac Miller – LOUD | Direct Download |

Loud (prod. Big Jerm & Sayez) - Mac Miller by

J. Cole – Visionz of Home

To kick off his Dreamville weekend, J. Cole and producer Elite release this brand new track for the fans. J. Cole has been winning me over since we posted his last track ‘Grew Up Fast’ a few weeks back. His lyrics and flow just keep getting better and better, which is now making me feel like he definitely should have been on MTV’s 2012′s hottest MCs in the game; I guess after the snub he decided to up the ante a little. MTV will definitely pay more attention next year. Enjoy this track!

J. Cole – Visionz of Home | Direct Download |

Visionz Of Home by J. Cole by HighTunez